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Simon now weighs 16st 13lb and is 8st 4lb lighter


Simon used to weigh 24st 3lb


Name                                         Simon

Age                                              43

Height                                        6’ 2”

Starting Weight                      24st 3lb

Current Weight                      16st 13lb

Lost                                             8st 4lb (116.8kg)

Suit Size                                     Was 56”/58” now 36” (waist size)

BMI                                             Extremely obese at the start and working towards a healthy weight


“Prior to joining Dawn Sawyer Fitness I followed a very poor eating plan, there was no portion control! I was drinking a lot of sugary drinks, eating takeaways and not keen on exercise.   My relationship with food is now much better and I try to stick to healthy choices.

I am also a Type 2 Diabetic previously taking 5 tablets a day. Now, my medication has been reduced down to 2 tablets and is more controlled.

I love exercise and attend classes regularly. I also enjoy a regular walk with the ramblers, walking 5-6 miles every Sunday. I have also taken part in the Moonwalk walking 26.2 miles, which is an excellent achievement.

Exercise is now part of my daily lifestyle. I have more energy and I enjoy it and at the end of a class I feel highly motivated.

Regularly attending classes helps me maintain my weight and it is part of my weekly routine. I’ve made a lot of friends and like to support and inspire others by sharing my experiences with them.

You’ve seen how my lifestyle has changed and I would encourage others to ‘just do it!’ I have prolonged my life, I have more energy, more confidence and a new job!”.