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Clubbercise - Tuesday @ Peter Newton Pavillion

Fresh and fun new fitness trend has started in Dunstable. Clubbercise, a new dance fitness class is storming the nation and bringing a ‘night out’ to your workout!

Clubbercise classes are taught in a darkened room with disco lighting, lasers and flashing glow sticks set to uplifting club tunes. We play anything from 90’s classics to the latest chart­toppers from the likes of Rudimental or David Guetta.

Because of the high and low impact options Clubbercise dance fitness classes are great if you’re just starting out on a fitness regime or if you’re already a fitness freak!

What happens in a Clubbercise class?

After checking in you’ll be given a set of flashing rave glow sticks, these are reusable so much more environmentally friendly than the single use ones. We darken the room, get the disco lights going and start with a simple warm up routine. Then we work up a sweat dancing to floorfillers from 90’s rave to recent dance anthems. The routines are easy ­to­ follow and always have high or low impact options. It’s all about fun, not about perfection. Take it to your level, keep it simple and enjoy the music.

What are the benefits of Clubbercise classes?

You get to dance to your favourite tracks without a hangover the next day!
Dancing in the dark with disco lights and lasers means you can really let go
Dancing with rave glow sticks gives your arms a good workout
You’ll burn around 500 calories in an hour
You’ll tone your muscles

Do I need to be an experienced dancer?

Not at all! We deliberately make our routines easy ­to­ follow so you can relax and enjoy it rather than worrying about getting the steps wrong.

What should I wear/bring?

No heels! Just trainers and sportswear/streetwear/fitness clothing… something you can dance in…

£6 per class and bring £5 for a pair of reusable battery operated glowsticks.

Clubbercise classes take place at Peter Newton Pavillion, LU5 4JU. Tuesday 19:00 – 20:00.

IMPORTANT!  All classes must be pre-booked.  Don’t take a chance and just turn up book now!